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Generator Installation for Home & Business

a newly installed generac generator

Generator installation can be a valuable addition to any home or business, providing a reliable source of backup power in the event of an outage. However, generator installation is not a do-it-yourself project. In order to ensure that your generator is properly installed and wired, it is important to hire a licensed electrician.

Generator Install

Your Kilgore electrician will first assess your property to determine the best location for the generator install. Then, we will install the generator according to local building codes and safety standards. Finally, we will connect the generator to the electrical system, ensuring that it is ready to provide power in the event of an outage. By entrusting your standby generator installs to a qualified Kilgore electrician, you can rest assured that your backup power will be there when you need it.

a newly installed generac generator panel next to two electric panels

Benefits of Standby Generator Installs

A generator can be a great addition to any home or business. In the event of a power outage, a generator can keep the lights on and help to prevent food spoilage. Standby generator installs can also provide the access to use of power tools and other equipment. Generators provide backup power for medical equipment, and other life saving machines and devices in an emergency power outage. Some power outages can last hours or even days.

There are many benefits of generator installation, including peace of mind in knowing that you will have power when you need it most. In addition, generators can save you money by avoiding the need to purchase expensive backup batteries or rent portable generators. Although installation can be expensive, the benefits of having a generator can far outweigh the cost.