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Interior Lighting

At Kilgore Electric, we provide reliable and efficient commercial interior lighting services to ensure your business space is optimized for productivity, safety, and comfort. With a commitment to excellence and a wealth of experience, we are the go-to experts for all your commercial interior lighting needs.

Our Comprehensive Commercial Interior Lighting Services:

Recessed Lighting: Illuminate your workspace with a sleek and modern design using our recessed lighting solutions. Our skilled electricians will seamlessly install recessed lights that not only brighten up your interiors but also add an elegant touch to the overall ambiance.

Custom Lighting Wiring: Tailor your lighting setup to match your business's unique style and requirements. Our experts are well-versed in handling custom lighting installations, ensuring that every corner of your commercial space is perfectly illuminated to enhance productivity and aesthetics.

Ceiling Lighting with Full Wiring and Switch Optimization: Maximize the potential of your interior lighting with our comprehensive ceiling lighting services. We take care of the entire wiring process and optimize the switches to offer you a seamless lighting experience that's both energy-efficient and visually pleasing.

Lighting Design Experts

At Kilgore Electric, we understand that lighting is more than just functionality; it's an art form. With years of experience in lighting design, we specialize in crafting lighting systems that not only meet your practical needs but also elevate the architectural beauty of your building. Our team collaborates with you to create captivating lighting designs that complement your space and future business aspirations.

Safety First - Interior Safety Lighting

Ensuring the safety of your building and its occupants is a paramount responsibility. Improperly installed safety lighting can pose legal liabilities and jeopardize lives. Trust Kilgore Electric to handle all your interior safety lighting needs with utmost professionalism and precision. We specialize in:

Emergency Lighting Installation: Our expert electricians strategically place emergency lighting to guide occupants to safety during unexpected power outages or emergencies. Rely on our expertise to provide a secure environment for your employees and customers.

Exit Lighting Installation: Comply with safety regulations and provide clear exit paths with our efficient exit lighting installations. We'll ensure that your exit signs are well-placed and fully functional, allowing for a safe evacuation in any situation.

Why Choose Kilgore Electric?

  • Expertise - Our skilled electricians are extensively trained and experienced in commercial interior lighting, ensuring flawless installations every time.
  • Personalized Solutions - We believe in offering tailor-made lighting solutions that align with your vision and business requirements.
  • Reliability - Kilgore Electric is synonymous with reliability. You can count on us to deliver high-quality results on schedule.
  • Safety-First Approach- We prioritize safety in all our projects, making sure your business space is secure and compliant with relevant regulations.

Ready To Get Commercial Interior Lighting Services?

Illuminate your commercial space with brilliance and style. Contact Kilgore Electric today for all your interior lighting needs. Let us brighten up your business and create an inviting atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression on your clients and employees alike.