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Fit Outs

Bring your new construction build to completion with our fit out construction services. Commercial and office fit outs can include automated lighting and control systems that let you ditch the switch, and save energy while gaining convenience. Select LED retrofits for your fit outs and add a sleek, high end look to your commercial property increasing desire and value.

Kilgore fit outs can include as much or as little as you need to complete your office fit out. Most standard fit out construction will include wiring and switch installation, panel installation and or upgrades, accent and recessed lighting installation, and smart technology installation. Other fit out options include generator installation for anyone who wants the security in case of an electrical outage or emergency.

Take advantage of our turn key installation for wiring systems, lighting and outlets. We take your existing plans and finish all of your commercial fit out requirements from a-z. Finish your build by calling our team of experts today!