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Custom Electrical Services & Home Electrical Wiring

Home electrical wiring and custom electrical services can be done for your entire home, by the room, or by the project. Make sure your home’s electrical wiring is up to date and safety code to avoid electrical failure, and potential fire hazards. Kilgore offers home wiring services such as new lighting, smart technology, outdoor amenities, major appliances, and more.

Electrical Wiring for Home Remodels

Considering a remodel? Kilgore can help with all of your home electrical wiring needs including customizations during a remodel. When moving walls, reconfiguring circuits, or moving outlets, Kilgore will create an optimized electrical wiring solution to help you get the most out of your electrical panel. Add new switches, dimmers, and smart technology to create the ultimate living experience.

Replacements & Upgrades for Wiring a House

Other custom electrical services we offer are wiring replacement and upgrades. Most older houses are wired with aluminum wire that can’t handle the high amps that newer wiring can. This means that many of your appliances may not run as they could, and an electric car charger can take up to 20 hours to fully charge your EV. Besides just efficiency shortcomings, there are a number of potential risks that older wiring poses as well.

Upgrading your wiring is often necessary to include 3 way switches, smart outlets, and GFCI outlets. When it comes to wiring a house, you don’t want to take short cuts as it could cause major issues to the entire electrical panel, and everything running off of it. A major short or blow out can damage your utilities and appliances, burn out lighting, and create very expensive repairs. By getting your home electrical wiring customized and upgraded, you can protect your investment and rest assured you will maintain your home's safety and integrity.

Electrical Wiring for Optimized Living

Our team of experts can optimize your home with our custom electrical services no matter the size and scope of your home project. If you are uncertain of the condition and capacity of your home electrical wiring, let Kilgore help you assess your specific needs. We will never recommend anything you don’t need, and we will check everything to make sure you are covered. Contact our team of local experts today!