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Pool & Hot Tub Electricians for Wiring, Maintenance & Repairs

Enjoy the luxury of having a pool or hot tub in your backyard. At Kilgore Electric, we offer hot tub electrical installation, pool wiring, pool lighting installation and more for new or existing pools and hot tubs. We can help you design and install electricity and wiring for brand new pools and hot tubs, or update and maintain pre-existing pools and hot tubs.

Many homeowners are unaware of the importance of having their hot tub and pool wiring done by a professional electrician. While it is possible to wire a pool or hot tub yourself, it is not recommended due to the potential for electrical hazards. Kilgore electricians have the knowledge and experience necessary to safely wire your pool or hot tub, perform pool lighting installation, and complete your hot tub electrical installation.

Hot Tub and Pool Wiring Maintenance

Most pool and hot tub owners are not aware that their pool and hot tub wiring should be inspected and maintained on a regular basis by a professional electrician. Pool and hot tub wiring is different from standard household wiring and requires special care. Pool and hot tub wires are constantly exposed to harsh chemicals, heat, and humidity, which can cause the wires to degrade over time.

In addition, pool and hot tub wiring is typically installed in wet or damp areas, which can also lead to corrosion. As a result, it is important to have an experienced electrician inspect and maintain your pool and hot tub wiring on a regular basis. Kilgore certified electricians have the knowledge and experience to properly inspect and maintain your hot tub and pool wiring to ensure that it is safe and reliable.

Our pool and hot tub electricians can help you troubleshoot any problems that you may have with your pool or hot tub. In addition, Kilgore electricians can provide you with information on the proper maintenance of your pool or hot tub in between visits so you can count on an optimized swimming and soaking experience all year round.

Ready to get wired for your new pool or hot tub? Or, ready to have your pool and hot tub optimized? Contact our team of professionals today to learn more!