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Create the backyard of your dreams!

Landscape Lighting & Outdoor Outlet Installation

No backyard is complete without exceptional landscape lighting and the ability to power your favorite outdoor leisure activities. Install outdoor lights for an easy way to create fun family experiences and an enjoyable atmosphere for those summer nights and fall evenings around the fire. Outdoor outlet installation gives you the ability to hardwire your lights for a permanent landscape lighting solution, or create outlets for plug in ready lights that can be replaced. The possibilities and uses of outdoor electricity are endless. By adding or upgrading your outdoor electrical panel, you can double or triple your home’s charm and versatility by accessing more power opportunities.

Outdoor Outlet Installation

Landscape lighting for the front and back or your home makes all the difference in the world when it comes to creating an upscale environment and comfortable outdoor setting. Our team of experts at Kilgore understand how to maximize your electrical opportunities, so you can utilize all of your wattage in the most effective and efficient ways. By adding or upgrading your outdoor electrical panel, you can easily have a hot tub, pool, EV charging station, and decorative mood lighting without pulling from your home’s interior power supply.

Kilgore offers outdoor outlet installation for varying voltage and wattage including 15-amp, 20-amp, 120-volt and 240-volt for all of your residential and recreational needs. Our team of experts know local code requirements for all outdoor outlets, and lighting installations. We use child safety outlets and GFCI protection for all necessary outlets. We always study and consider your property and its surroundings structures, features, existing outdoor electrical panel, and utilities to ensure safety and optimal functioning.

Landscape Lighting

When Kilgore electricians install outdoor lights in your backyard, front yard and driveway, they will make sure to install convenient access to controlling them. We use high quality professional grade GFCI outlets, for safety in any outdoor weather conditions. Protect your investment by hiring our local professionals that understand electrical code and permit requirements.

Your outdoor lighting design is more than just a visual upgrade. When you have Kilgore Electric install outdoor lighting in your yard, you will be able to safely navigate your way around at night adding an element of convenience and safety. Illuminate your path and avoid needing to pull out your flashlight everytime you try to walk to your hot tub, fire pit or shed at night. Proper outdoor lighting also adds a major security factor since houses that are lit up deter crime and burglaries. Landscape lighting also helps security cameras and smart doorbells better capture what’s happening on your property.

Contact our team of experts today to learn more about Kilgore’s outdoor outlet installation and landscape lighting today!