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Smart Home Technology Installation

Smart Home Installation

Smart home technology is becoming more and more popular due to the added convenience and money saving opportunities they provide. Kilgore Electric’s team of experts can help with your smart house wiring, and smart home installation needs.

Automate various tasks and make your life easier with smart technology including thermostats, doorbells, floodlights switches, lights, breakers, panels and more. In order to preserve the integrity of your home’s electrical wiring efficiency and safety, call our licensed and experienced, professional electricians to create a smart home installation plan for all your desired technological upgrades. Smart house wiring should be done by a professional to avoid expensive damage and potential fire hazard risks.

Most Smart house wiring and smart accessory installations can be done in one day or afternoon. Connect with Kilgore Electric’s team of experts to find out more about turning your home into a smart home today.

Smart Doorbells & Floodlights

Installing a Ring Doorbell allows you to see who is at your door even when you're not home, providing extra security and the ability to grant access from a distance. Other features include intercom communication and siren/alarm sounding. No matter where you are, you can have eyes on your home and property right from the convenience of your phone or computer.

Smart flood lights are another popular smart home installation option that provides extra security and theft reduction. Smart flood lights save energy and allow you to gain control of your exterior lighting even when you're away. You can choose between solar power or wired flood lights depending on your home’s electrical capabilities, and the weather of the area you live in. Smart house wiring installations provide you with the ability to easily turn on and off your smart flood lights by switch or app. Solar powered flood lights can be a good way to save on your electric bill if you live in an area with year round sun. Ask our team of experts which option is best for your personal needs and home.

Smart Switches & Programmable Lights

Did you know that you can control the lights in your home with your smartphone or tablet? With smart switches and programmable lights, you can set the perfect ambiance for any occasion, whether you're hosting a dinner party or just relaxing after a long day. You can even set timers so that your lights turn on and off automatically, saving you both time and energy. Smart lighting is an easy way to improve your home's security by deterring burglars and providing a safe, well-lit environment for your family.

Create custom lighting scenes by programming your lights to dim gradually in the evening, or to change color based on the time of day. Whether you're looking for convenience or simply want to add a bit of flair to your home décor, smart switches and programmable lights are a great way to go.

If you often forget to turn off the lights when you leave the house, or if you want to make sure that your home is well-lit when you come home at night, smart home installation might be right for you. There are several options when it comes to smart switches and programmable lighting. Kilgore is happy to answer any questions that you have on which is the best option for your home.

Smart switches are designed to give you control over your home's lighting from your smartphone or other mobile device. You can use smart switches to turn lights on or off, dim them, or set schedules. Smart switches are usually connected to your home's Wi-Fi network, so you'll need to have a strong internet connection for them to work properly.

Smart Breakers & Breaker Panels

If you're looking to upgrade your home's electrical system, then you may be considering investing in smart breakers and smart breaker panels. Smart breakers and panels can provide many advantages over traditional units, including improved safety, more reliable power delivery, and easier troubleshooting. These innovative products offer a number of benefits including the improved safety and efficiency of your home's electrical system.

Smart breakers are circuit breakers that can be controlled remotely, typically via a smartphone app giving you remote access and allowing you to turn off power to specific circuits in your home without having to go to the breaker panel itself.

One of the main advantages of smart breakers and panels is that they offer greater control over your home's electrical system if any issues arise. Smart breakers and panels allow you to isolate problems to specific circuits, which can help to minimize the impact of any electrical issues.

Troubleshooting Electrical Issues

The main benefit of smart breakers is that they allow you to control your home's electrical system from anywhere. This can be helpful if you want to remotely turn off power to a specific circuit, or if you want to troubleshoot an electrical issue without having to go to the breaker panel itself. Smart breakers offer features like built-in diagnostics and remote access via smartphone apps so you will know exactly what is going on in your home.

Upgrading is A Smart Investment

If you're interested in upgrading your home's electrical system, then investing in smart breakers and smart breaker panels is a great option. Smart breakers and smart panels offer a number of benefits over their traditional counterparts, and can help to improve the safety and efficiency of your home's electrical system. Smart breakers can also provide valuable data about your home's electrical usage, which can help you save money on your energy bill.

Traditional breaker panels are often the source of electrical problems in the home. This is because they rely on mechanical parts that can wear out or break over time, leading to shorts and other problems that can cause electrical fires. Smart breakers and panels, on the other hand, use solid-state components that are much more reliable. This means that they are less likely to cause problems and are safer for your home and family.

Ready to make your home smart?

Kilgore Electric is here to help with your smart home installation customizations. Speak to our team of professionals today to find out more about how a smart breaker and panel can benefit you and your home. Owning and living in a properly wired home eliminates vulnerability and instills the most satisfying confidence. When you have control over your electricity in an emergency, you will feel protected and proactive.

Whether you need smart house wiring or a new smart breaker, Kilgore can turn your home into a smart home in no time. Contact our team of experts today!