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LED Retrofits & LED Light Installation

LED retrofit lighting is a great way to save money and energy in your home. LEDs use less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, and they last longer too. That means you'll save money on your electric bill and you won't have to replace your bulbs as often. Adding LED retrofits to your existing recessed light fixtures is a great way to reduce your energy usage without having to replace your entire lighting system. LED light installation helps to keep your home cool in the warmer months as LED retrofits reduce heat output.

LED light installation can be done with minimal intrusion, and usually in only a matter of hours by an experienced professional electrician. On average LED light bulbs can save up to 85% on energy use. They have a slightly higher upfront cost, but are worth it due to how much they save when it comes to time and money.

Waterproof Retrofit lighting

Retrofit lighting is great for areas that may be exposed to moisture like porches, or bathrooms. Opt for waterproof retrofit lighting in high moisture areas for safety and optimal longevity. Make sure your shower and bath lighting is up to code by opting for LED retrofits. Retrofit lighting typically has several different mood/ambient settings to choose from, so you can customize the atmosphere to your liking.

Protect your wiring and electrical system by having waterproof LED retrofits professionally installed in your high moisture areas. Keep your family and guests safe from potential electrical hazards by eliminating moisture and water from entering your lighting fixtures. LED installation is an easy and effective way to upgrade your bathroom and kitchen areas.

LED Installation for Living Spaces

LED installation in living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms is a great way to save money, and update the look of your home. Most LED retrofits come with a cover over the light giving them a smooth and cohesive look to the ceiling. They are easy to keep clean and are much less noticeable during the day than recessed or canned lighting fixtures.

When you want a minimal look, and long lasting dependability form your lighting, choose LED light installation. Call our team of experts today to find out more about how to upgrade your lighting and energy savings.